valuesophic trust



1. The idea behind it
For us a tree represents everything what characterizes our actions with and within the personnel. It protects us and provides solid support. It bears fruits, it develops continuously and does so no matter how the weather is. The idea is to proceed on a long term basis, carefully, and passionate. Our proceeding is based on much respect and the endeavor to post sustainable profit for everyone.

2. Our understanding of making business
"...people are not your most important asset. The right people are." (Jim Collins: "Good to great: Why some Companies Make the Leap...and Others don't")
We agree that the right personnel is the most important feature for success. It is our goal to proof it, to live it, and, above all, to put it into effect.
For us the value of human capital is not an abstract index or a theoretically-planned quantity, but it can actually be observed in the sustainable success of a company. If we want to increase your human capital, it is because we see your economic success and want to increase it. In that respect our slogan is : "Growing your human capital"

3. Values create value
We are lead by the conviction that moral concepts create entrepreneurial value which can be directly related to a company's profit: values create value. Values constitute a company's DNA. They are hardly tangible and still they regulate internal spirit, appearance and they determine a company's success. It is our goal to support and increase the success of those who highly appreciate values.

4.Overall solutions
Many parts of a solution do not yet constitute a complete solution. That is why we consider it desirable that all parts of our solutions assemble to one whole solution. Just like hour hand, minute hand and second hand only become a clock by sensibly linking all three, will our solutions from all sectors
  • HR Recruiting
  • HR Mentoring
  • HR Coaching
  • HR Development and
  • HR Services
  • work together smoothly. Like this you will always be up to date. But still we want to read more from a clock than just the time, we want to see the internal collaboration of you and your company. We want to see beyond the surface. In this context it is important to us that we detect things entirely, because whatever we do is done completely.